At GamePlan Marketing & Events, we believe that no two brands face identical challenges.  Plain and simple, we don’t do marketing by the book.  We initially approach each client with an empty marketing playbook. No preconceived notions. No assumptions. Through diligent discovery and listening, we fill the pages of that playbook with experiential strategies and tactics that boost brand awareness and result in meaningful dialogue established between the brand and its market.  

Indeed, we are not your standard marketing agency. You won’t find GamePlan clinging to benchmark studies, work portfolios and demographic profiles. While those are important, they do not dictate what we do for our clients.
Sure, we’ve put our knowledge and experience to work for clients such as Dell, AMD, Oracle, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, Bacardi U.S.A. and IBM. However, GamePlan tailors the marketing initiative to each client – one size does not fit all. We invest in identifying each client’s unique needs and building the integrated experience to meet specific objectives.

In 2003, a group of advertising, entertainment, and web professionals looked at the changing landscape of marketing and communications and decided to help reshape it.  Traditional mediums were cluttered and new media created by technology was quickly influencing the purchase behavior within both the consumer and B2B marketplaces.   We saw the growing need to produce integrated campaigns that are also “experiences”, creating emotion and empowering brands to engage their audiences for positive marketing results to be achieved.  
At the outset, we ran GamePlan from a coffee shop. Today, GamePlan headquarters is in the heart of Austin's Sixth Street entertainment district, where the two founders lead a creative, flexible experiential marketing team. In January of 2008, GamePlan will open its first satellite office in New York City.

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